Former researchers and collaborators

Andrés Aliaga Martínez (
Andrés (PhD 2015, Universitat de Barcelona) studied the formation and alteration models of dental microwear patterns, including dietary and taphonomic factors, and its implications on the study of hominoid primates diet.

Mohammad Alrousan (
Mohammad (PhD 2009, Universitat de Barcelona) studied the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Near East, and the biological implications of the shift in subsistence strategies through the analysis of dental morphology and dietary habits of human populations in the Mediterranean area 12,000-5,000 BP.
He is interested in dental microwear analysis and dietary reconstruction in human populations, as well as tooth morphology and function.
Mohammad is currently an Assistant professor and Chairman in the Department of Anthropology at the Yarmouk University, Jordan.

Laia Dotras (
Laia (M.S. Primatology 2009, Universitat de Barcelona) studied interproximal wear related to aging in Amboseli baboons.
She is currently the president of SOS Primates and vicepresident of the Jane Goodall Institute-Spain.

Katarzyna Górka
Katarzyna (PhD 2016; Universitat de Barcelona) studied dental morphology and dental wear variability in traditional human populations.

Beatriz Pinilla (
Beatriz is interested in hominins behavior and ecological-technological adaptations. She has studied Neanderthals’ and atomically Modern Humans’ origins and evolution. In 2012 she obtained the PhD (Universitat de Barcelona) by studying the diet and adaptation in Middle and Upper Pleistocene european hominins.