Aroa Casado Rodríguez

Current position

  • PhD Student at Unit of Human Anatomy and Embryology of Faculty of Medicine.                          University of Barcelona

Education and positions

  • PhD in Medicine and Translational Research, University of Barcelona (2017). Thesis: Anatomical adaptations of the wrist to the different forms of locomotion in the order of the primates. Supervisor: JM Potau.
  • MSc in Biological Anthropology (specialization in Human Evolution and Forensic Anthropology), University of Barcelona (2016). Thesis Master: Analysis of the correlation between age and dental wear in cercopitecoid primates using geometric morphometry and topography in three dimensions.
  • BA in Archaeology, University of Barcelona (2015). Degree Thesis: Study of the space distribution of the archaeological site of Barranco León (Orce, Granada).
  • BA in Philosophy, University of Barcelona (2013).

Research interests

  • Postcranial adaptations to locomotory behavior of primates.
  • Evolutionary morphology of the wrist in extant and fossil Hominids.
  • 3D geometric morphometrics and evolutionary anatomy.
  • Field archaeology, anthropology and paleoanthropology research.

Field experience

  • Field archaeology work since 2011.
  • Restoration practices of archaeological material in IPHES (2015-2016)
  • Cercopithecoidea molding at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences. University of Barcelona. Barcelona (2015-2016)
  • Human dissection of the upper extremity from the Body Donation Service of the University of Barcelona (2016-2017).
  • Primate dissection of the upper extremity and shoulder region from the Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology of the University of Valladolid (2016-2017).

Working address

  • Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology of Faculty of Medicine. University of Barcelona.        C/ Casanovas,143. 08036 Barcelona. Spain