Mohammad Alrousan

Current position

  • Chairman of Dept. of Anthropology.
    Assistant professor. Department of Anthropology
    Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology/ Yarmouk University, Jordan.

Education and positions
  • Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology. University of Barcelona, Spain (2009). "The Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition in the Near East: Biological implications of the shift in subsistence strategies through the analysis of dental morphology and dietary habits of human populations in the Mediterranean area 12,000-5,000 BP" directed by Prof. Dr. Alejandro Martínez Pérez-Pérez.
  • Master in Physical Anthropology. University of Yarmouk, Jordan (2006). "Dental Microwear of the People of Ya’amun in North Jordan during the Middle/Late Bronze Ages".
  • B.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine. JUST, Jordan (2001).

Research interests

  • Dental Microwear and dietary reconstruction.
  • Bioarchaeology, Paleopathology and microevolution.
  • Tooth morphology and function.

Teaching experience

  • Undergraduated courses:
    Introduction to Anthropology, Human evolution, Paleopathology, nutritional anthropology, comparative osteology, burial customs
  • Master courses:
    Nutritional Anthropology, comparative osteology

Field experience

  • Biarchaeological excavation in the archaeological site of Ya’amun-Irbid (Jordan) in 2004, directed by Prof. Dr Mahmoud El-Najjar (Yarmouk University) and Prof. Dr. JC Rose (University of Arkansas).
  • Geophysical survey in the archaeological site of  Ya’amun-Irbid (Jordan) in 2005.
  • Teeth molding and casting, experience in using SEM, and the use of software to analyze dental microwear, tooth size variables and gross wear.

Society membership


  • Alrousan, M , & Abu Dalou, A. (2013) Reflections on Human Skeletons from Tall Abu Al-Kharaz. Pp: 333-338. in P. M. Fischer and T. Bürge, The Swedish Jordan Expedition 2011 and 2012 at Tall Abu al-Kharaz. Opuscula. Annual of the Swedish Institutes in Athens and Rome 6: 307-338.
  • Alrousan, M. Al-Shorman, A. Galbany, J. & Pérez-Pérez, A. (2013). Buccal dental microwear and stable isotopes of El Collado: A mesolithic site from Spain. Bull Int Assoc Paleodont. 7(1):4-11.
  • Alrousan, M. & Pérez-Pérez, A. (2012) Buccal Dental Microwear as an Indicator of Dietary Habits of the Natufian People from El Wad and Kebara. In: Bioarchaeology of the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean. Ed by Megan A. 165-179.
  • Alrousan, M. (2011). Dental Microwear and Dietary Adaptation of the People of Ya'amun During the Middle/Late Bronze Age. In:Ya'amun An Archaeological Site In Northern Jordan. Ed by Mahmoudl El-Najjar. Yarmouk University Press.
  • ABSTRACT: Alrousan M, Pérez-Pérez A &Molleson T (2009) Buccal Dental Microwear Pattern as an Indicator of Dietary Behavior in a Human Neolithic Tooth Sample from Abu Hureyra. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 138 (S48): 76.
  • Alrousan, M.& Pérez-Pérez, A. (2008) Non-Occlusal microwear of the last hunter-gatherer from Near East and Europe. In: Genes, ambiente y enfermedades en los poblaciones humanas. Edited by Amada, J. Nogués, and Pinilla, S. University of Zaragoza Press. 45-59.
  • Estebaranz F, Fernández E, Martínez L, Gamba C, Alrousan M, Turbón D, Arroyo-Pardo E, Oms JI, Pérez-Pérez A & Anfruns J (2008) Anàlisi antropológica de les restes neolítiques de la caserna de Sant Pau (Biometria, dentició, ADNA i microestriació dentària). Quarhis (Època II, núm 4): 74-80.
  • Pinilla B, Estebaranz F, Galbany J, Martínez LM, Alrousan M & Pérez-Pérez A (2008) La influencia del clima en la dieta de H.neanderthalensis y H.sapiens: microestriación vestibular y fluctuaciones climáticas. In: Nieto Amdada JL, Obón Nogués JA, Baena Pinilla S (Eds.), Genes, Ambiente y Enfermedades en Poblaciones Humanas. Pp: 573-586. Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza.

Talks and communications in meetings 

  • Alrousan M, Pérez-Pérez A, and Molleson T (2009) Buccal dental microwear pattern as an indicator of dietary behavior in a human Neolithic tooth sample from Abu Hureyra. 78th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. April 1-4 2009, Chicago (USA).
  • Alrousan, M., Pérez-Pérez, A. (2007). Non-occlusal Microwear of the last Hunter-gatherer from Near East And Europe. XV Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Antropología Física. 2007. Zaragoza, Spain.

Working adress 

Department of Anthropology. Yarmouk University, Irbid-Jordan.
Tel; +962-27211111, ext:2262